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Hilarious Quotes By Highly Placed Nigerian Leaders

Hilarious Quotes By Highly Placed Nigerian Leaders

(1) "we want to thank the president for bringing facebook to Nigeria" ...Information Minister Labaran Maku.

(2) "you press men, you always say there are no minerals in kano. We have Coca Cola, Fanta, Mirinda and the newly invented Sprite"...Bakin Zuwo.

(3) "Foreign investors should ignore Boko Haram and invest in Nigeria"...GEJ

(4) " I will water your school and fire your school"..Orji Uzoh Kalu

(5) "Nigerians dont panic, terrorist attack is everywhere ..maybe is our turn"...GEJ

(6) "I will rather kill myself than commit sucide"..Dame Jonathan

(7) "I founded this school for the masses and the school fees is 850,000 naira"...Atiku Abubakar

8)Until I see someone eating out of the gutters before I believe there is poverty in Nigeria." - Umoru Dikko.

(9) "Telephone is not meant for the poor"..David Mark

(10) "The worth of a child born and breed in Nigeria cannot be compared to that in the United States" -Yakubu Gowon

(11) "school is not meant for the poor, only for the rich"..Ikedi Ikiri Ohakim

(12) "At 50, Britain is still battling with King Arthur and the knights of the round table so Nigeria is not doing too badly"..Diezeani Madueke.

(13).."Even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria"...Obasanjo

(14)..."The corp members where destined to die, nobody can run away from destiny"..Mallam isa Yaguda, Gov Bauchi State.

(15).."On behalf of 20 million naira, I donate my family".. Dame Jonathan.

(16).."We, the PDP did not win this election, I have gone to church to confess, I gave them money and they called the result"...Chris Uba

(17).."I want to commend the doctors and nurses for responding to treatment"...Dame Jonathan

(18)..."I can see camera people, are they going to televise us alive?"- Dame Jonathan.

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Hilarious Quotes By Highly Placed Nigerian Leaders
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