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5 Things To Not Do On Fathers Day

We are sure you have seen quite a lot on what to do on father’s day including these two articles we wrote about possible gifts to buy your father on that day and kind words you should definitely say to your superhero father.

Enough with the dos. There are certainly a number of don’ts for June 18. What does your dad not deserve on father’s day? What should you most certainly not do and why? Let us help you out.

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Here are 5 things not to do on father’s day;

Don’t forget

Come on! You cannot forget fathers day! And we mean that both literally and disbelievingly. There will be enough pictures and quotes on fathers day about fathers that it should be literally impossible to forget. So if you do, we are judging you.

Father's Day

Don’t make it about your mother

Who knows how many actual mothers days there are in a year? Certainly more than the one fathers day so try to keep the celebrations directed at your father. Except, of course, your superhero mother played both roles in your life as a single parent then please, by all means, celebrate her and let her know that we all think she is the best.

Don’t ask for money

This is probably not a good day to ask your dad for money. It is a day for giving him stuff and not collecting stuff from him. So totally check out our articles on gift ideas and give, give, give this father’s day.

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Don’t play pranks on your father

Of all the many fun things that you can do with your dad on fathers day, pranking is not one of them. Playing a prank on him will only be fun for you and may even cause some anger and consternation for him which is not a good thing on his day.

Don’t question people who do not celebrate father’s day

There are a number of reasons why people do not celebrate father’s day for reasons that range from having an estranged father to having recently lost their father. Father’s day can be really hard for this people and they do not need to contend with difficult questions alongside the pain they may be feeling.


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