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7 Important Things Your Dad May Need To Hear This Fathers Day

In our articles on gift ideas for this fathers day, we mentioned that we often do not take out enough time to celebrate our fathers who truly, truly deserve it. Beyond gifts, it is possible to celebrate our fathers with words.

Words have always had the capacity to put our feelings out there and reveal to people what we really think about them. It even helps to highlight specific characteristics that we love and would, therefore, like to see more of.

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Giving your father the gift of kind words this fathers day is important for both you and your father. Although many fathers seem confident and unshakeable, some of them are wracked by doubt about how they are doing just like we all are in certain areas in our life.

If your dad has been awesome, a superhero in every way that matters then this fathers day is the time to tell him just that. Shower your dad with kind words and no matter his outward reaction, we guarantee you that it will make him very happy.

Fathers day

Here are 7 important things your father may need to hear this fathers day;

I love you

When last have you told your father that you love him? “I love you” are three very powerful words that we all love to hear whether from family or friends and your father is not immune to them either.

If you send him a message this fathers day, try and sign out with these timeless words and remind him how much he is loved.

You did a great job raising me

Like we mentioned above, some fathers a wracked with doubt on just how they are doing raising their children. in today’s society, raising kids is definitely a difficult job. Still, it is one of the most important jobs on earth and every good father desires to get it right.

If your father has done a good job so far, tell him that.

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I miss you

Have you moved out of your parent’s house and it has been a long time since you saw your father? Then on fathers day, you may like to tell him how much you miss him and fix a date for when next you two will see.

Remember that for a long time your father’s world may have revolved around you; protecting and providing for you. So he certainly deserves some of your time and needs to know that you are missing him too.

I appreciate all that you have done for us

Fathers make sacrifices, some more regularly than others. Whether it is working harder and sleeping less to ensure that their families are well provided for or ignoring their dreams for more stability. You should let your dad know that you understand this and appreciate it.

Fathers day

You are my role model

We often look up to celebrities who may be inspiring, certainly, but may not even have gone through half of what our parents have gone through and survived. Is your dad on your list of role models? make sure to tell him.

If I find a man like you I would be so lucky

This is for daughters who have watched their fathers love their mothers consistently. Tell your dad that you respect the way he has done this and that if you find yourself a man like him you will consider yourself very blessed.

My children have the greatest grandad on earth

If you have kids, let your father know that you are glad that your kids get to meet him and have him as a granddad, it is just another way to let him know that you believe he did a great job raising you.


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