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Facebook And Chill! Five Reasons We Are Excited That Facebook Is Going Into The TV Game

It is no longer recent news that Facebook is entering the streaming game and the company has already launched their new service as Facebook Watch so Facebook and Chill may soon become an actual thing.

Of course, before Facebook and Chill becomes a reality, Facebook Watch has to dot a lot of i’s and cross a lot of t’s. The TV game now has some pretty great contenders; Youtube, Netflix and even you regular cable selections depending on where you are located.

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The first deals that the company seems to have inked for Facebook Watch are apparently reality TV oriented. While making its announcement ahead of launching Facebook Watch, the company had said that it would work with third-party partners that make videos exclusively for the social network.

TechCrunch published a rundown of the show options available currently which include shows from Tastemade (best known for its recipe videos), motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein, world traveler Nuseir Yassin, Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, and A&E’s Bae or Bail, described as a “reality TV game show where couples face their fears and see who runs.” Facebook Watch is also expected to broadcast one Major League Baseball game every week.

Here are a couple of reasons we are excited about Facebook Watch;

More money for creators

Every time a new platform comes up it is good news for creators who now have more options concerning where to host their content. Creatives now have a lot more revenue streams and Facebook Watch is about to join that number and make many more creatives who are able to subsist on their talent without having to break their back looking for other types of work.

Facebook Watch

Unique stories

Just like Netflix allowed for the telling of unique stories due to the freedom to take risks that other TV networks did not have formerly, Facebook Watch could also have that as a decided advantage. Users of Facebook come from all over the world and so, hopefully, the stories we take in during Facebook and Chill will be unique stories that represent that reality.

Women will have a better shot at equal pay

The talk about the gender pay gap has become louder in recent times but the data being published on actors pay still show that it is a problem in Hollywood. Facebook Watch will be yet another opportunity for the company and creators to get it right in this regard.

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Chatting live with other viewers over the shows you love

Most of the time while we are watching a show on TV we are also on Facebook interacting with our friends. With Facebook Watch, users can also follow shows much like they follow Facebook pages to receive notifications when new episodes come out, and chat live with other viewers during a broadcast.

The video recommendations will be as close to our heart as possible

Facebook has always done pretty alright in giving us what we want and while that may be a problem when it comes to news and other serious stuff, it is great news for show recommendations.Facebook will recommend shows based on what friends are watching, or what shows are generating a lot of “haha” emoji reactions.


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