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Make A Stressful Time Bearable By Doing These

Stressful times can be point-blank unbearable. But for our own good and well-being, we can choose to make them bearable by making certain changes. Whether physical or mentally, stress does harm to our health.

Managing stress demands a change in lifestyle and perhaps a moment of re-orientation with your goals and purpose.

While there are a good number of things you can do to ease your stress, there are key habits that overtime can help make your stressful moments bearable.

You know what they say about habits- easy to break but hard to make. In this case however, making the following inter-related habits will be worth it.

1. Keep A Clean And Organized Environment


Be it your home or office space, there is need for orderliness. Getting rid of the clutter automatically gives you a certain freshness in the given surrounding.

Most times a scattered room is an extension of a scattered mind.

We must also know that the worst kind of clutter is the mental clutter. It gradually twists and saturates your thoughts and before you know it someone’s getting paranoid.


If all of a sudden you feel so choked, why not take a look around you and see what needs cleaning and sorting out. It could be your wardrobe, handbags, dressers, office drawers, files and your car maybe. Just ensure your physical eyes at lease sees no clutters.

Trash what you don’t need. Hoarding things either physically or mentally can leave you utterly confused.

You will be surprised at the mental relief a simple exercise as cleaning out the closets can give. Just like it leaves physical objects neatly arranged, so also does clarity begin to set in.

2. Love Your Alarm


Not many people like the sound of their alarm clocks. Ironically, the idea of using them is to wake us up as early as we need to.

Early risers are known for habitually waking up before sunrise. They often spend some quiet time getting ready for the day and mapping out their goals for the day or week as the case may be. Waking up early affords you the time to keep a clear head and helps you avoid the noise and crowd on your way to work.

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3. Meditation

There’s never a time meditation is found missing in the list of things to do to make stress bearable. Sometimes it is necessary to listen to your own thoughts. Meditation helps you to relax and de-clutter mentally.

This is an opportunity to admit your obvious truths and encourage yourself with spiritual, positive and mind-lifting thoughts.

4. Physical Labor


Over-activity can wear you out. But on the other hand, getting active can help you deal with mental stress. It can come in form of your daily chores or exercises. You can actually take a walk or choose to dance on purpose, anything at all to make you sweat for a while.

Engaging in physical exercises can help create deeper sleep cycles and improve your mood.

5. Good Sleep Pattern

Sleep when you are tired. As defined, sleep is a deep form of rest that benefits both the brain and the body. It is best advised to go to bed few hours before midnight.

6. Know Your limits ( Make Achievable Daily Goals)


One day at a time. Making short term daily goals will help you achieve the long term plan in the distance. Knowing your daily limits is not pessimism. It is sincerity that encourages you to make plans that will come to fruition.

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7. Invest in Healthy Diets/Eating Habits

Don’t eat until you are hungry. If you must snack make it healthy; nuts, fruits and vegetables will be nice. Generally, your meal should be compatible with your lifestyle.

8. Try Fasting

According to yoga experts, fasting can help you as much as a good food plan can. It is “the best and quickest means to cure most diseases”.

When there is no food to absorb and work on the digestive system is resting. While at it the body gets de-cluttered of toxic dead cells which can cause us ill health.

“Fasting also purifies the mind. When you are not distracted by food, your mind naturally turns inward, creating a good environment for contemplation and spiritual thoughts. At the same time, it overcomes guilty thinking, clearing your conscience and giving you a fresh start.”

Fasting is encouraged at least once a week. To break the fast water and easily digestible foods should be taken.

9. Try A Hot Foot Bath


A steamed bath or hot foot bath can make stressful times bearable. It is the natural antidote for headaches, neuralgia, strong colds and cough, ovarian and menstrual problems, indigestion, respiratory diseases and cases of cold hands and feet.

The hot foot bath is a detoxification process that can serve the entire body.

Alternating both hot and cold foot bath promotes circulation in the legs. It is also used in treating insomnia and high blood pressure.

10. Become More Water-loving

Drink more water than soda, coffe or alcohol. You can also make it a habit to bath at least twice in a day. Where not possible half baths and one full bath can help you relax. By half bath, we mean splashing water on the face and other parts of the body.

If none of these 10 tips works, please speak to someone, preferably a medic.


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