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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Reacts To The Military-IPOB Clash

Military-IPOB Clash– Responding to the reported invasion of Nnamdi Kanu’s family home, the IPOB leader calmly narrated his own side of the story and called the attack a provocation.

Nnamdi Kanu articulated the incident to the media. He accused the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai and the FG in general of deliberately “bringing war” to a peaceful zone.

Surrounded by several media houses in his family home, Kanu confirmed that the target was his abode at Afara Ukwu community, Umuahia.

From his account, Kanu was sleeping when he heard the siren. The Nigerian army hovered around his residence, left and returned again. At that point, the people refused them entrance into Kanu’s family home.

“The Nigerian military came to my village to intimidate and harass innocent civilians who are unarmed.”

The blockade led to the sporadic firing of gunshots which has left an uncertified number injured. Kanu says to the best of his knowledge, 3 were injured and some others possibly dead.

“I understand lives were lost.”

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He said the wounded casualties are receiving “very serious medical attention” in an undisclosed location. Kanu also reliably informed the media of the army’s visit to the Federal medical centre to enquire of the injured protesters.

“As it’s their tradition when they shoot people they carry their bodies away. So we didn’t want them to get at those people.”

After registering his dismay at the latest stunt pulled by the Nigerian army, Kanu went on to urge the media to re-discover the place of truth in shaping the well-being of any society.

Having complained few days ago in a video of the appalling misrepresentation of truth in the media, the leader echoed it once more.

He urged the media persons present to dig for the truth and conduct investigative journalism.

“The Nigerian army and the Nigerian police have perfected the act of lying. And fortunately some of you men and women of the media have let them go with murder.”

“That is why they do what thy do… because of the complacency of the media and certain television stations. That is why Nigeria is a dictatorial state. That is why there is no freedom here. That is why people are pursued into their bedrooms to attack them.”

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In an attempt to verify the military claims that a police officer was “macheted” during the clash, Kanu said this:

“You have been here do you see anybody armed? We are a peaceful people”

“All I want is freedom. And I have determined that self determination via a referendum is the best way to settle this dispute once and for all. And we are undeterred.”

“Nigeria is bringing war to us, we are not fighting anybody.”

“It is Buratai and his men that are bringing war to us. They want us to become armed, so that the world can say that Nnamdi Kanu is leading a violent armed group which is not the case.”

In conclusion, Kanu commiserated with affected families and reminded the Nigerian authorities that the Biafra movement is “unstoppable”.

He declined commenting on the outcome of his meeting with Southeast governors.

On their own the governors have condemned the attack and termed it a jeopardy to the peace and unity of the country. However they pledged their devotion to the security, economic development and political stability of the region.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo described the attack as “a show of military brigandage and sheer prostitution of power without authority.”


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