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Mugabe Forever: Zim Airport To Join Long List Of Things Named After The President

Zimbabwe will have Mugabe forever whether they like it or not. The nonagenarian President already seems intent on ruling for the rest of his life and may, in fact, get his way but he is also putting his stamp on Zimbabwe in other ways.

One of the ways that peoples remembrance are assured is by naming things after them. It is considered both an honor and a sign of influence and will surely have generations of people who come after said person still talking about who or what they were.

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With quite a number of things named after President Robert Mugabe, Mugabe forever is not such a far-fetched thought. The Harare International Airport seems to be the next thing in line to bear the President’s stamp.

A letter advising the country’s aviation authorities of the airport’s name change to that of President Robert Mugabe has been shared on Twitter. It says that Harare International Airport will be renamed R.G. Mugabe International Airport from 9 November 2017.

Mugabe Forever, Inside And Outside Zimbabwe

  • In August Zimbabwe announced that its first graduate school named after President Robert Mugabe is set to be established following government’s approval of a 1 billion U.S. dollars grant for construction of the university. The university would be established in partnership with the University of Zimbabwe, the country’s oldest university, but would be owned by the Robert Mugabe Foundation, which is itself yet to be set up.
  • The Great Zimbabwe University, situated in the southeastern town of Masvingo, named its education department the Robert Mugabe School of Education. The school was inspired by Mugabe’s “vast contribution to the education system in Zimbabwe.”

Mugabe forever

  • The Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence opened in 2007. Mugabe said the institute would produce spies able to fight threats from the West.
  • President Robert Mugabe also has a lot of streets, roads, and venues named after him which include;
  • Robert Mugabe Road in the capital Harare
  • Robert Mugabe Way in Harare
  • Robert Mugabe Road in Mutare
  • Robert Mugabe Way in the second city, Bulawayo
  • Robert Mugabe Way in Gweru
  • Robert Mugabe Street in Masvingo

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  • Robert Mugabe Road in Kampala, Uganda’s capital
  • Robert Mugabe Street in the South African capital Pretoria
  • Robert Mugabe Avenue in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia
  • Rua Robert Mugabe in the Mozambican port of Quelimane

President Mugabe’s likeness has also inspired several sculptures. One of them was unveiled in September 2016. It was a 12-foot, three-ton abstract statue that depicted a cartoonish Mugabe in a Superman-style pose. Mugabe himself praised the statue as stimulating “a kind of wonder” in his heart.


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