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This Is Why Women Tend To Be More Generous Than Men

Gender Gap– Scientists have just discovered that women have the tendency to be more generous than the male folk.

While faced with the challenge of helping others with money, they discovered that women possess a brain composition that prompts a sense of giving.

The scientists from the University of Zurich found that male and female brains react differently to “prosocial” and selfish behaviors.

Women are naturally expected to be more compassionate than men. The gender role of the woman from time immemorial has been centered on nurturing and building qualities.

According to the scientific research, a part of the brain showed a greater response when sharing money, while in men, the same structure showed more activity when they kept the cash for themselves.

So going by their finding, women have the propensity to be more open-handed than men.

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The spiritual explanation of gender roles has it that the creator made the two and gave them complementary qualities. Where you have the macho man, you have the tender loving woman.

Honestly speaking, we sometimes find women who are not so tender and men who are actually more generous than women. Let’s just say there are always exceptions to the rule.

The study which was published on Monday in Nature Human Behavior leaves room for the argument that the social construct and expectations of both genders are responsible for the attained disposition of the brain.

It undisputedly appears like a natural law that the man is expected to have something to show “for being a man”. They are the traditional breadwinners. In cases where they are not, they often feel slighted and frustrated. The man believes he has to have a certain degree of wealth. So we can say they are “strictly saving up” for a personal agenda.

Gender Gap

The woman, for her childbearing ability, is programmed to develop charitable qualities suitable for a “nurturer”. And of course, every good nurturing job is strongly believed to yield good rewards someday.

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According to Philippe Tobler, co-author of the new study and associate professor of neuroeconomics and social neuroscience at University of Zurich,

“Women put more subjective value on prosocial behavior and men find selfish behavior more valuable.”

“However, it was unknown how this difference comes about at the level of the brain”

“But in both genders, the dopamine system encodes value.”

The Dopamine is an organic chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter. It helps to process our value systems and is released at moments of pleasure.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments to the influence of the dopamine on both sexes. From the 56 men and women volunteers, the women chose to share a financial reward while the men chose not to.

Resultantly their first finding was that the neural reward system encodes the value of sharing money with others more strongly in women than in men.

The scientist altered their dopamine systems with an antipsychotic drug, Amisulpride. The result was the reverse of the initial one. The women became selfish while the men became more generous.

Gender Gap

For some, this is proof that there are no prototypical traits for either men or women. But all things being equal, acts of kindness triggers a greater reward signal in women than it does in men.


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