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SOS: This Is The Best Sleeping Position For Pregnant Women

Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women– Over a thousand pregnancies were examined by the Midlands and North of England Stillbirth Study (MiNESS).

While 735 out of the pregnancies studied ended in live births, 291 ended in stillbirths.

The essence of the study is to further detect the link between the sleeping position of women and stillbirths. Medical researchers in several parts of the world have worked and are still working on this.

As derived from the recent research, it was found that women who slept on their backs were more likely to experience stillbirth after 28 weeks gestation (late stillbirths) than those who slept on their sides.

Sleeping on the side(SOS) during the third trimester reduces the risk of stillbirth by half.

Statistics shows that less than 10 percent stillbirths are as a result of a predetermined condition. In other words most stillbirth cases are preventable.

In the UK, roughly one in every 225 pregnancies ends in a stillbirth while in the US, it’s one in every 100.

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Below is how various sleeping positions affect both mother and child. 

Sleeping On The Back

After the fifth month, sleeping on the back becomes a bad idea.

Lying on your back can disrupt breathing. Also the belly pushes down on the intestines when you lie on your back, this can lead to tummy troubles.

In this position, there is pressure on the aorta and inferior vena cava. These are the blood vessels that run behind the abdomen and carry blood back to the heart from the legs and feet. This condition slows down blood circulation to the body and affects the baby as well.

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Sleeping On The Stomach

When pregnant, stomach sleepers adjust their sleeping positions. The implication of sleeping on the stomach during pregnancy is that the stomach presses on your expanding uterus and the enlarging breasts. It can be outright uncomfortable, resulting to abdominal pains.

Sleeping On The Side

Best Sleeping Position

For comfort and the good of the baby’s health, sleeping on the side is the best position.

While both sides are good to sleep on, experts say the left side is the best and most comfortable as the abdomen and the baby grows. It improves blood circulation by giving nutrient-packed blood an easier route from your heart to the placenta.

Lying on the left side also helps to keep the expanding body weight from pushing down too hard on the liver.


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