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7 New Year Resolutions For Africans Who Love Africa

New year resolutions are a big part of any new year. Although a lot of people have given up on new year resolutions and the possibility of sticking to them through the course of a year, they are still a pretty good way to at least start the year on a purposeful note.

Most people make only new year resolutions relating to their lives and fail to consider the much larger factor of society which we all affect even as it affects us. The people that make up a society can determine to a large extent exactly how it is run. They can, in essence, make or break it.

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There were some pretty relevant changes in African politics in 2017 with some strong men finally stepping down from their positions but some people would agree that there is still a long way to go as regards leadership in Africa. There is a saying that people get the kind of leaders that they deserve. It stands to reason, therefore, that Africa as a continent and the individual countries which make it up could turn the tide of their countries and leadership around by working on themselves to be good citizens and individual units of their communities.

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If you like many Africans are tired of the continued underwhelming performance of a continent that has so much potential, you should really consider adding these new year resolutions to your own personal list of resolutions if they do not already feature on them.

7 New Year Resolutions For Africans Who Love Africa

Diligence at Work

One very big problem that Africans often complain about is the attitude of some workers, especially, government workers to carrying out their duties. From coming in late to work to expecting some extra change to facilitate their performance, the complaints are numerous.

It is good to remember though that it is citizens themselves that fill those positions and although bad working conditions may sometimes cause one to carry out their jobs grudgingly, all that is worth doing is indeed worth doing well. If workers took this resolution seriously, there would be fewer frustrations which lead to transferred aggressions and eventual failure of the entire system.

Saying no to corruption in any form

Corruption exists in most African states to the extent that most new governments run on a platform to curb the menace. A quick example is Nigeria’s President Buhari whose fight against the menace is debatable but consistently spoken of by the President.

While the few governments who are making efforts to fight corruption at the top keep at it, we as citizens must eschew corruption in any form. Whether it is by passing along some money to facilitate a process, countenancing traffic cops who sometimes shake down motorists for bribes or even paying money to be awarded contracts, corruption is a good thing to say no to.

Integrity in dealings with foreigners

It is already clear that a lot of African citizens find it difficult to travel due to the negative perception that their individual countries may have on the outside. It is about time that we work at recreating that image and one sure step to do that is to ensure that we are always working with integrity, especially, when dealing with foreigners.

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Involvement in country politics

It is not enough to complain about the state of politics in our countries. Rather, we need to become more involved in demanding the best leaders and then in demanding the best from those leaders. Get involved in this determination and do not relent in this new year.

Being more informed

One of your new year resolutions this year should certainly be to be more informed. More informed about the things going on in your country, the continent and then the world at large. This is necessary to make appropriate decisions both politically and business-wise. So make sure to keep in touch with our site to get your answers on Africa.

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Obeying traffic laws

The traffic in some African cities can frustrate anyone who dares venture into it. Although there are varied reasons for these traffic jams, one that is up to individuals and therefore avoidable is that of obeying traffic laws. Asides helping with traffic, these laws also help reduce accidents on our roads and make everyone safer and happier.

Buying local

As African countries continue to contend with economic problems, it is even more important that we continue in our attempts to grow our local businesses. By buying inwards we can help reduce imports while also empowering businesses within our borders and consequently creating a stronger middle-income class in our societies which will benefit the economy tremendously.


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