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TRENDING: #BenueMourns: Nigerians react to mass burial of victims

Nigerians on social media have been reacting to the killings in Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The assailants attacked communities in Guma and Logo local government areas of the state on January 1 and 2, leaving scores dead and injured.

On Thursday residents of Makurdi were thrown into mourning as victims of the attacks were given a mass burial.

The massacre which left over 50,000 displaced in Benue and another 18,000 people displaced in Nasarawa State has drawn widespread criticisms with various people sharing diverse reactions.

A Twitter user Ogazi Samuel said “Looking at #BenueMourns, I understand why it can be hard for Nigerians to be empathetic when our National leader is sick or has a hospitalised son. Was there even any FG representation at the mass burial? Nigeria would never forget!”

Another twitter user, Oke Umurhohwo said “If the FG cannot stop or arrest those behind the killings; in two weeks, we shall raise an army of our own. We cannot allow people to colonise us again, we have all it takes to do that.” – Wantaregh Unongo, TIV leader and chairman of the Northern Elders Forum #BenueMourns”.

Though the Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom called for harmony among the diverse ethnic groups in the state, the dastardly act has continued to generate fury among Nigerians from various works of life.

Read more reactions here:

Those #BenueMourns pictures made me all teary… This country is depressing Walahi ????????‍♂️

— Olayinka Ahmed (@GalacticoHD) January 12, 2018

Their offense was “being Nigerians”. #BenueMourns.

— The Human Catalyst (@ERNALzz) January 12, 2018

Dear @MBuhari today we mourn our people who were killed by the marauding herdsmen, this should've been averted if your government was responsible enough. Posterity shall judge you for your ineffectiveness in handling this crisis. #BenueMourns #BenueLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/uL98MqMMOM

— Ka (@Kuma_Tor) January 11, 2018

I just viewed some pictures from #BenueMourns and my eyes are flooded with tears and my heart burning with anger.
This Government is using sentiments to gamble with the lives of its citizens and it's too bad! These Fulani Herdsmen are Terrorists and should be treated as such!

— Umeh and 99 others (@UmehOMA) January 11, 2018

See all the coffins. The President did not seem it to attend the burial. No single arrest made. This is not the first or the second time.@MBuhari @NGRSenate @HouseNGR @YakubDogara @segalink @channelstv @GuardianNigeria @MobilePunch @UN @realalu #BenueMourns #FulaniHerdsmen pic.twitter.com/AIyKc2QAaf

— Valentine Utulu (@ValentineUtulu) January 12, 2018

And they are laid to rest, the YUSUF'S OF their families,Bread winners,mothers ,wives, #BenueMourns #BlackThursdayForBenue .
Enough is enough -Paul Unongo.
We are pushed to the wall -Gov. Ortom.
Even a goat can bit if caged- Tor Tiv .@AishaYesufu @realFFK @segalink @ShehuSani pic.twitter.com/x9PwDvz8pP

— Solomon Amande (@SolomonAmande) January 11, 2018

"Let me warn, if the Nigerian nation cannot protect us, we will raise an army of one million people who will defend us."
– Wantaregh Paul Unongo at the requiem mass for the deceased as #BenueMourns

— Callings (@CollinsUma) January 11, 2018

Scenes from the Burial of those killed by Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists.

See how lives have been wasted.

The families of the deceased are in our thoughts and prayers.#BenueMourns pic.twitter.com/YOKxuGSbvj

— Babasola Kuti (@SKSolaKuti) January 11, 2018

Five full trailers loaded with corpse, 73 dead people! Meanwhile, our president seats comfortably in Abuja. Our killer's go live on news channels telling the world while they attacked and are still walking free.

Benue will never forget, we will never forget. #BenueMourns https://t.co/ilmlR8qHFv

— Ka (@Kuma_Tor) January 11, 2018

Images from Benue as they bury the victims of the herdsmen killings. People who had homes, families, livelihoods, dependents, kith and kin killed over nothing. Nigeria is a scary place. #BenueMourns pic.twitter.com/Njl48RpnV9

— Sarcastic Theist (@theRetweeterr_) January 11, 2018

It took @MBuhari just a few minutes to commiserate with the government & people of France after the last terrorist attack in Paris. Just imagine if same was the quick response the presidency gave to the people of Rivers & Benue on the January 1st killings.#BenueMourns pic.twitter.com/7Qff4mOZcl

— EiE Nigeria (@EiENigeria) January 12, 2018


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